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The Union County School District serves students in a gifted program entitled LINK, “Lively Innovated Network of Kids”.  LINK serves intellectually gifted students in grades 2-6 at each school.
LINK is a “pull-out” program in grades two through six, every effort is made to structure the schedule so that a child does not miss an academic subject more than once a week. Students are expected to show mastery of missed work, but should not be required to make up all work missed due to gifted class scheduling. Gifted students are grouped together for a minimum of five hours per week to participate in enrichment activities designed to meet their specific needs.
Gifted program teachers strive to be aware of the affective (socio-emotional), career, and social needs of gifted students and make every effort to counsel with students or to refer them and parents to a trained counselor. Group activities to address these concerns in a safe environment are an important part of our curriculum. Collaboration between the regular education teacher and the gifted class teacher address the special needs of students who may be underachieving in the regular classroom.
The referral and evaluation process has been developed in accordance with the Mississippi Department of Education Gifted Program Guidelines. A teacher, parent, administrator, or student may make a referral. Referrals can be made to the Office of Special Services at (662) 534.1957.
Intellectually Gifted: LINK Identification, Referrals, & Assessment
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Union County L.I.N.K. Instructional Management Plan
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MDE Gifted Outcomes
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Ronnie Boyd
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