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Accelerated Reader Goals

For 2015-2016


What is ?Accelerated Reader?
Accelerated Reader is a computer based, reading management and motivational system designed to complement existing classroom literacy programs for grades K-12.
The purpose of AR is not to provide reading instruction. Rather, its purpose is to help motivate students to read more books at an appropriate level of difficulty by using a point system tied to individual goals. AR seeks to motivate students to read advanced level books and to increase their personal reading time.
Grades 1-6
       - Students must read books that are within their reading range as specified by their teacher.
       - Students must answer questions without assistance.
       - Students must have an overall average score of 75% or better on AR quizzes at the end of each 9 weeks.
       - Students must quiz on books read during this school year. 
Reading Goals must be met at the end of each nine weeks to earn these incentives (October 9, December 18, February 15, May 6)
First 9 Week Reading Goal earns a photo on the website “Hall of Fame” and an ice cream party.
(Goals for October 9th)
1st                     10 points
2nd                    15 points
3rd                    20 points
4th                    25 points
5th & 6th            30 points
Second 9 Week Reading Goal earns a popcorn and drink party.
(Goal must be met by December 18th)
1st                    20 points
2nd                   30 points
3rd                   40 points
4th                   50 points
5th & 6th           60 points
Third 9 Week Reading Goal earns a Movie Party.
(goal must be met by February 15th)
1st                     30 points
2nd                    45 points
3rd                     60 points
4th                    75 points
5th & 6th            90 points
Fourth 9 Week Reading Goal half day outside with drinks & snacks.
1st                     40 points
2nd                    60 points
3rd                     80 points
4th                    100 points
5th & 6th            120 points
AR Store will be at each campus for students to use AR points.      
The overall winner from each school will receive a trophy.  The overall winner in the district will receive a ipad mini

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